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João TM Barbosa - Vinhos
O óbvio, o fácil, o evidente não têm lugar na nossa empresa onde colaboram todos os membros da família e onde a dedicação é total para produzir o melhor, o original, o que a terra dá, tanto no Alto Alentejo como no Tejo.


Alto da Serra
2040-063 Rio Maior

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Azeite Tapada Valle de Junco



100 % Galega

Olives of superior quality harvested from centenary trees of the Galega variety, which have never been treated with chemical products. Since the olive trees are never sprayed, we only harvest the olives when they are in perfect condition, which doesn’t occur every year. Extraction of the olive oil is done exclusively by mechanical means. Unfiltered olive oil

February 2017

Tasting Notes:
It has a golden, slightly greenish color. Characteristic soft fruity flavor that is very pleasant on the palate.

Analytic data:
Acidity (%): 0.4
Peroxide index: 5.44
Wax (mg/kg): 71.2
K232: 1.61
K270: 0.08
AK: 0.00

Nutrition composition:
Average nutritional value per 100gr:
Energetic value: 890kcal
Protein: 0.0g / Carbohydrates: 0.0g
Lipids: 99g (Saturated lipids -15g; monosaturated lipids-54g; Polyunsaturated lipids-10g)
Cholesterol: 0.2mg
Vitamin E: 15mg – 125% RDD (Recommended daily dose)

Technical Specifications