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João TM Barbosa - Vinhos
O óbvio, o fácil, o evidente não têm lugar na nossa empresa onde colaboram todos os membros da família e onde a dedicação é total para produzir o melhor, o original, o que a terra dá, tanto no Alto Alentejo como no Tejo.


Alto da Serra
2040-063 Rio Maior

Telefone: (+351) 243 991 429
Telemóvel: (+351) 969 841 875
Fax: (+351) 243 991 788

Email: geral@joaotmbarbosa.com




The history of our family company, João M. Barbosa, is recent compared to other Portuguese wine companies, but we have many years of experience in the sector. Fruit of this experience is a project with a “sui generis” concept, which promises to surprise wine lovers.  They will discover a new wine, and share a whole new wine experience – new grape varieties, new blends, presented in a unique form, and an image conceived around the blue rose, symbol of the company, and the visual illusion images in the new labels.

“Obvious” and “easy” have no place in our company, where all the members of the family collaborate with total dedication to produce the best and most unique wine from our land, both in the Alentejo and the Tejo (regions). Two modern wineries created to produce authentic and distinct wines.


The Company

As a young boy João Teodósio Matos Barbosa would accompany his grandfather, founder of Caves Dom Teodósio, when he oversaw the work in the vineyards. From this experience he developed a passion for wine and a desire to become part of the family project. Working for Caves Dom Teodósio he acquired ample knowledge about wine-making and the wine sector, and he grew along with the company as it became a Portuguese story of success and a brand of reference in the national wine making scene.

In 1997 João founded his own family business, and began growing organic, integrated grape crops, creating signature wines where he could express himself and let the terroir of the two new regions he had chosen express themselves also.

Both regions, Tejo and Alto Alentejo, have their own wineries and brands: Ninfa in the Tejo region (Porta de Teira winery in Rio Maior), and Lapa dos Gaivões in the Alto Alentejo (Valle de Junco winery in Esperança, Portalegre). Unique and authentic signature wines are made in both properties. The quality is assured by the fact that each wine of given harvest is bottle all in one go.


João Barbosa begins selling wine for his family’s company, Caves Dom Teodósio.
The company João TM Barbosa Vinhos
is founded.
The first vineyard of the company is planted in the Tejo region, on a hillside of the Serra D’Aire e Candeeiros (with Touriga Nacional, Aragonês and Syrah).
That same year the company acquires 22 hectares in Hortas de Baixo (Esperança,Portalegre) in search of specific soil type: acid, poor and thin textured.
Ten hectares of vineyards are planted with Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonês, Trincadeira, Alfrocheiro and Tinta Barroca. (Alentejo)
The first Pinot Noir vines were planted (one hectare)at Alto da Serra, capitalizing on the high level of active lime in the soil in the Tejo region.
The Valle de Junco winery in Esperança, Portalegre is built.
One and a half hectares of Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro are planted.
The Porta de Teira winery in Rio Maior is built.
The first white grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Fernão Pires are planted in the Tejo region.