A Rosa Azul

João TM Barbosa - Vinhos
O óbvio, o fácil, o evidente não têm lugar na nossa empresa onde colaboram todos os membros da família e onde a dedicação é total para produzir o melhor, o original, o que a terra dá, tanto no Alto Alentejo como no Tejo.


Alto da Serra
2040-063 Rio Maior

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Fax: (+351) 243 991 788

Email: geral@joaotmbarbosa.com


Our Brands



Tejo Wines


Rich clay-limestone soils, with a large capacity for exchange with the plants.

Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence, high temperature variation, complete southern exposure of the vines. Vineyard planted on a slope, providing good soil drainage and contributing to the balance of the vines and results in small productions, and concentrated grapes with acidity potential. Produces fresh wines with longevity.


Lapa dos Gaivões

Alentejo Wines


Acidic soil, poor and loose- textured.

Mediterranean climate with influence from the Serra de São Mamede mountain range, high level of temperature variation, potential for concentrated acidity and long maturations. Most of the vineyards benefit from southern exposure, and growing on granitic slopes, the plants are forced to compete with each other, creating a special balance.  Productions vary between three and four tons per hectare, and the grapes have complexity, delicacy and minerality.