A Rosa Azul

João TM Barbosa - Vinhos
O óbvio, o fácil, o evidente não têm lugar na nossa empresa onde colaboram todos os membros da família e onde a dedicação é total para produzir o melhor, o original, o que a terra dá, tanto no Alto Alentejo como no Tejo.


Alto da Serra
2040-063 Rio Maior

Telefone: (+351) 243 991 429
Telemóvel: (+351) 969 841 875
Fax: (+351) 243 991 788

Email: geral@joaotmbarbosa.com


Mission, Values and Vision

First, the family.

The basis for any family business. For us, it is the cause and the consequence. The family is fundamental because it gives us the stability we need to fully dedicate ourselves to a business, enabling us to give our best. The family is the beginning and the end of everything we do.

Second, friends.

After so many years and so many shared memories our friends have become like family. They don’t need an invitation to come to our house, and the grape harvest is an important event in everyone’s agenda.

Third, passion.

It begins as love at first sight and with time becomes such a part of our daily life that we don’t want to ever let it go. Wine and vineyards are a work in progress throughout the year.  This passion is our obsession.

Our goal

That this passion lead to perfection, in a constant search for excellence.